Apartments for sale via Botteghelle 122, San Giorgio a Cremano, locality Centro

Campania Napoli San Giorgio a Cremano Centro Ref. ML50-LMG-1484
    Via Botteghelle 122

€ 118.000
San Giorgio a Cremano
66 sqm
Commercial Area
0 sqm
Monthly condo
€ 22

In the historic and medieval farmhouse of Sant'Aniello in Cambrano, we offer for sale, a splendid solution of about 66sqm, with 32sqm of terrace at level.
Included in the purchase price is the ownership fee of 166 thousandths of the historic church of Sant'Aniello in Cambrano
A love nest in the historic heart of San Giorgio a Cremano
Immerse yourself in the history:
Located in an ancient medieval building of the 500s, the Casale di Sant'Aniello a Cambrano in Largo Sant'Aniello, privileged position in the heart of San Giorgio a Cremano
An oasis of peace: Perfect for young couples, with large hallway, two bedrooms, functional kitchen, bathroom. Bright and welcoming.
Your slice of paradise: Large terrace at the level of 36 sqm, double outdoor exposure to relax in the sun or have fun with friends and family
Don't miss this unique opportunity!
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Why choose this apartment:
- Historic and fascinating
- Spacious and bright
- Level terrace
- Privileged location
- Perfect for young couples
Historical description
In the tenth century there was a vast territory called Cambrano that stretched from the beach to the first slopes of Vesuvius, where there was another place called Capitiniano. It is in this second locality that the first nucleus of the small farmhouse of San Giorgio was born, around a small chapel dedicated to the Saint; when, in the twelfth century, the few inhabitants organized themselves into a farmhouse (today we would say municipality), they enlarged the primitive chapel, provided it with a solid bell tower and gave the new village the name of San Giorgio a Capitiniano. In Cambrano, meanwhile, the cult of Sant'Aniello had spread and the hamlet of S. Aniello in Cambrano was established, much more populous, rich, vast and active, than the tiny hamlet of San Giorgio
The area of Cambrano was characterized by the medieval mother church of the ancient farmhouse of Sant'Aniello in Cambrano. Following the war between the Swabians and the Angevins, the farmhouse gradually disappeared and the church was also abandoned.
But in 1706 Baron Luigi Ronchi, having obtained the patronage of the church, had it restored in Baroque style.
Once upon a time, in December, during the feast of Sant'Aniello, stalls were set up along Via Botteghelle for the sale of statuettes of the "Baby Jesus" in view of Christmas.
In the 700s, in one of the rooms adjacent to the church, St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, author of the famous Christmas carol "Quando nascette o ninno" from which "Tu scendi dalle stelle" derives, stayed for some time

Energy Class:


Conditions: Fairly Good
Floor: 3 - plans building: 3
Kitchen: Semi-Habitable
Furnished: Not Furnished
Terrace: Yes Sqm 36
Balcony: Yes
Height: 3,5
Level terrace
Double exposure
Fixtures with glass camera
External exposure
Security door


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